Free ETL- Talend

Modern data management operations require ETL process as a key component for data warehousing and business analytics. Extract transform load solution must deliver data on schedule and on spec to effectively support these operations.

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration provides something uncommon in a free ETL solution with a proven track record under diverse and demanding production conditions. Talend technologies are the most widely used and deployed data management solutions in the world. Tens of thousands of developers use Talend applications regularly, in environments ranging from small start-up companies to major global corporations.

While Talend Open Studio for Data Integration is free ETL, it’s far from the bare-boned ETL that other no-cost solutions typically offer. Talend fully supports all facets of the ETL process with features such as:

An intuitive process modeling tool that enables business stakeholders to participate in the initial ETL design work.

More built-in connectors than any other ETL solution – more than 800 in all, making it easy to implement connections between diverse database types, file formats, and enterprise applications. Built-in components for ETL mapping and data transformations, including string manipulations, automatic lookup handling, an option to use ELT rather than ETL, and much more.

Support for highly scalable distributed ETL data load execution that can leverage a grid of commodity computers.

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